Building Mary’s Labyrinth
A Presentation by Susan Howard
7:00 pm, Thursday, June 14, 2018
Little Brick Schoolhouse, Val Marie

A labyrinth is an ancient pattern found in many cultures with a single path that moves in a circular fashion into the centre and out again. It is used as a walking meditation or spiritual practice.  When Susan Howard moved to Val Marie in 2015, with her husband Neil Ward as new owners of The Crossing at Grasslands, she brought along a love of labyrinths and many years of leading labyrinth walks for meditation and prayer. For Susan, a labyrinth is a place of homecoming, peace, and healing that she wanted to share with her new community, honouring the land and all who have lived here.

In June 2017, Mary’s Labyrinth was built by volunteers at The Crossing at Grasslands as the first Canadian labyrinth in a growing international network, called the Legacy Labyrinth Project, dedicated to the peace and healing of all who walk. Built out of local rock originally planted by glaciers then cleared by hand from Homestead fields a century ago, Mary’s Labyrinth, named after Susan’s mother, is an 85′ diameter circular path on the edge of Grasslands National Park.

One year after the labyrinth was completed, on Thursday, June 14 at 7:00 pm, please join Susan Howard at Prairie Wind & Silver Sage as she presents the story of the building of Mary’s Labyrinth. Everyone is welcome, admission is free of charge and refreshments will be available.

Mary’s Labyrinth is open for walking in the afternoon year round, Thursdays to Sundays, by appointment at 1-306-298-7373 or or A celebration and community dedication is being held at The Crossing at Grasslands on June 21st at 7pm. Everyone is welcome.