PCAP-HolroydIn Canada, the Burrowing Owl is endangered and its numbers are rapidly declining.  There are less than 1000 pairs left in Canada and the number of breeding pairs declined at about 22{8966a670093f83c9464b8ae52b3ce656760b4fe5b607ea593a95702f606c23fa} per year during the 1990’s even though over 700 landowners voluntarily protected over 37,000 hectares (93,000 acres) of grassland habitat that was used by nesting owls.

Join distinguished research scientist Dr. Geoff Holroyd at 7:30 p.m. on May 12, 2016 at Prairie Wind & Silver Sage, as he presents a summary of over 20 years of research in Canada, Texas and Mexico into the breeding biology, migration and dispersal of this species and recommends a conservation solution. The presentation is free of charge and everyone is welcome.

Dr Holroyd is emeritus research scientist with Environment Canada and an entertaining and engaging speaker.  His appearance is jointly sponsored by Prairie Wind & Silver Sage and the Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan (SK PCAP), a prairie conservation organization representing 30 different partner stakeholder groups, including PWSS and other regional, provincial and federal groups, who are committed to conserving Saskatchewan’s grasslands.