Dispatches From the Grasslands

Chapbook-Dispatches-coverDispatches From the Grasslands: Poems from a Prairie Workshop

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“In the summer of 2016, brought together by Prairie Wind and Silver Sage, a group of writers went into Grasslands National Park near Val Marie, Saskatchewan to see what their imaginations and writing skills could make of this unusual place.

“There were five of us in all, one who lived in Val Marie, another who ran a farm only a few miles away, while a third came from Saskatoon. Two of us came from the eastern United States.

“We met early one day for an all-morning walk out into the prairie with the idea of opening our senses to the evocative richness of this quiet wilderness. We came back into Val Marie for lunch and afterwards began writing together, looking for what caught our attention most and getting those observations down on the page.

“Before we scattered back to our separate lives, we agreed to work on the material we had collected and eventually collect it in this chapbook. Here is what our small group of writers found memorable about the Grasslands National Park in the summer of 2016. We hope it inspires you to come discover this amazing place and add it to your list of nature‚Äôs most wonderful creations.”

Roberta Cross, Marcella East, Dorian Gossy, Madonna Hamel, Roger Mitchell. With credited photographs by James R Page.

Dispatches From the Grasslands was made possible by support from the Saskatchewan Arts Board and SaskCulture/Saskatchewan Lotteries during the 2016 artist residency program hosted by Prairie Wind & Silver Sage and co-sponsored with Grasslands National Park. It is currently available in PDF format from this page and will be published in traditional book form in 2017.