Refreshed and renovated little brick schoolhouse

Prairie Wind & Silver Sage – Friends of Grasslands is very pleased to showcase recent renovations to our heritage building and to gratefully acknowledge support by the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation.

The little brick schoolhouse was built in 1927, the Diamond Jubilee of Canadian Confederation, and one year after the incorporation of the Village of Val Marie. Today, the school is one of only a few of its era in Saskatchewan still in use. Its distinguishing architectural features include simple massing and form, hip roof with cedar shingles (the originals were replaced in 2007 (also with support from the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation), multi-plane double hung windows, and wood flooring and mouldings.

The Board of Directors of Prairie Wind & Silver Sage has identified several areas of the building that are in need of restoration. As the west facade is most vulnerable to the elements and is also one of the the first aspects seen by visitors, it was decided that this project was most urgent. The original windows and door had deteriorated, and sealing putty and caulking had dried and become ineffective.  This state threatened the integrity of the building, providing cracks and crevices for water and wind to further depreciate the structure.

PWSS before renovations

Work on the current project, which included window pane replacement, re-caulking and re-puttying the door and windows, door sill replacement, and scraping and repainting of all wooden surfaces, began in May of this year and was completed in July.

The renovation project

Prairie Wind & Silver Sage is proud of its commitment to this designated Municipal Heritage Site and looks forward to the future of the building as well as to the many ways we will continue to serve our community.